Sticky Design Studio  supports organisations to be more person-centred.

We offer design research, delivery of research derived communication artefacts such as videos, websites, personas and journey maps, codesign workshop facilitation and design capability building and mentorship.

Learn about some of our past projects below.

UNSW Intranet Discovery Project

The Brief:
UNSW currently has 18 unique intranet sites resulting in a broken and non-scalable experience for staff.

This project aimed to support agreement on a strategy, and development of a business plan for next steps for the new university-wide intranet development and roll-out.


  • A report detailing the insights, pain points, quick wins and opportunities that UNSW might use to build an intranet to help foster improved communications, support organisation-wide change initiatives, drive a more collaborative and engaged workforce and to reflect, influence and help shape UNSW culture.
  • Report informed strategy for next steps in support of business case development
  • Engagement of staff in codesign processes to help support change


  • Light weight best practice literature review
  • Existing faculty intranet
  • Quantitative survey 
for insight validation
  • 10 x 1 hr interviews including usability testing of existing intranets
  • Codesign workshops with professional staff from 3 campuses

Design Associates Panel & Video 

The Brief:
Deliver recommendations to inform how a Ufirst Design Associate Panel would work using a service design methodology. The panel would allow Ufirst to easily procure design services from a panel of preferred suppliers.


  • Recommendations report including a service blueprint for how the service should work
  • Running an example project with freelancers (including delivery of a video)


  • Light weight literature review
  • 30 x qualitative interviews with potential suppliers and icare staff
  • Coordinated engagements with external free-lancers to conduct research with icare staff  and produced a video of the results for icare intranet.

I’ve read your final report a number of times now and firstly, would like to thank you for such a fantastic document. It really is easy to read, informative, and invaluable.
Business Manager Health and Community Engagement

Making connections video : codesign process

The Brief:

‘Making Connections’, a Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre studied the information and communication needs of young people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. The research developed solutions and partnerships, working with young people to support and enhance their access to, and use of, digital technology—including mobile phones, internet and other digital services.

Sticky Design Studio was engaged to document the codesign workshops conducted with young people experiencing homelessness and potential partners.


  • Video documentary of young person workshop communicated service ideas to a codesign workshop with potential partners
  • Video documenting the project including final service ideas codesigned with partners.


  • Filming at codesign workshops
  • Delivery of two video documentaries


UWS logo

Jax is thoughtful, careful and creative in her approach and practice, and has a very good understanding of the power and purpose of video for enhancing participatory research and design.
Dr. Justine Humphrey

Development of the Child Journey for the Child Story Program

The Brief:
ChildStory is an information technology system which places each child supported by the child protection system at the centre of their story with a network of family, carers, caseworkers and other service providers around them.

Conduct research with NGO workers, FACS workers, families and young people to understand and then communicate the child’s view of the child protection system for Child Story program participants.

A large map was created for this work which was affixed to the walls at FACS and was placed on the minister’s wall. This artefact was used in various codesign workshops to ensure that the perspective of the young person/child was included.


  • Understanding of the needs of workers, families, children and young people in the child protection ecosystem to inform service design of new online tools.
  • Physical map which was used as an empathy tool.


  • Qualitative interviews
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Journey map

This project was presented at the Designing for the Common Good conference


Codesign Training: Improving Leaving Care for Young People with Disabilities

The Brief:

At 18 years old, young people within the child protection system need to Leave Care. This can be a challenging time for young people who have grown up under the care of the Minister.

This project for ADHC investigated how might we improve the leaving care experience for young people with disabilities. I delivered a co-design capability program where staff from ADHC and FACS considered this question through a co-design process.


  • An extensive report was delivered showing the research insights, the key opportunity areas and  design concepts.


  • Codesign training withNorthern NSW FACS and ADHC staff
  • Design research with young people, workers and carers
  • Codesign workshop with young people, workers and carers
  • Development of report including personas, journey maps and new service concepts.


Family and Community Services (ADHC) Codesign Training

The Brief:
Co-design workshops and co-design capability building workshops with ADHC staff.


  • Codesign training with staff from FACS and ADHC in Northern Rivers region.
  • 3 new service concepts codesigned with people with disabilities
  • 3 new service concepts were implemented by ADHC staff after the workshop (Facebook community about DPA use, new reporting tool for DPA clients, new orienting materials for new DPA clients)


  • Co-design workshop facilitation with service participants and staff
  • Delivery of co-design tool-kit and training
  • Diary study with service participants
  • Delivery of documentary video about the program


Child Story Tender Website

The Brief:
Develop a website to accompany the ChildStory tender to inform potential suppliers about the requirements for the Child Story online tools and the context of their use (benefits, needs of different user groups, information about use of tools and associated contexts).



  • Provide information for suppliers about the NSW child protection system context
  • Showcase prototypes developed by the Child Story service design team for the different tools


  • Development of a site to accompany the tender
  • Communicate user research to provide understanding and empathy

Australian College of Theology Communications Strategy

The Brief:

The Australian College of Theology (ACT) is an educational body that supports affiliated colleges to deliver theological courses and supports theological research degrees. Develop a communications strategy for the ACT to better support students and colleges and also deliver on the ACT strategic priorities.


  • Stakeholder and user research
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Persona development
  • Co-design workshops for new online services
  • Delivery of online communications strategy

To our mind, Jax’s communication strategy and the philosophy which informed has been remarkably fruitful. The aims of the project were met. The project’s outcomes flow naturally out of her research, establishing a far more cogent rationale for the website re-design that will now follow.
Mark Harding, Dean & CEO, Australian College of Theology

Codesign workshop facilitation for One Consultation

The Brief:


DesignGov was an 18 month experimental pilot funded by the Australian Federal Government.

The mission of DesignGov was to demonstrate the value of design-led innovation on complex, strategic, multi-agency issues facing citizens, businesses or communities in Australia over an 18 month pilot period.

Design and deliver a co-design workshop to develop concepts for, an online service to support government consultation with businesses and peak bodies.


  • Co-design workshop facilitation
  • Design of Co-design activities to prototype design concepts
  • Documentation of co-design tools/methods



Jax is able to quickly grasp complex ideas and requests, work with the client collaboratively and creatively, and produce excellent work under real time pressures.
Alex Marsden – Strategic Adviser in Policy & Implementation DesignGov (The Australian Centre for Excellence in Public Sector Design)

Improving ordering and activation for Telstra partners

The Brief:
Deliver a conceptual design that improves online ordering capability for Telstra partners.


  • Qualitative customer/internal research
  • Ordering process mapping
  • Persona generation
  • Co-design Workshop facilitation
  • High-level wire-frames and requirements
  • Persuasive video artefacts to sell the idea in

Jax is a very passionate, creative designer. She brought some new and exciting thinking and approaches to our organisation that re-energised our team. Her work was extremely well received by our stakeholders and I have adopted some of the approaches used on this project.
Corrina Liao – UX Operations Manager at Telstra