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Sticky Design Studio  supports organisations to be more person-centred.

Learn about a few of our past projects below.

Mental Health Commission Online Co-design 

The Brief:
Facilitate a series of workshops with people with Lived Experience and mental health and workers to co-design a new model for Mental Health care for citizens of NSW.


  • Engagement of people with Lived Experience and workers in co-design processes to gain diverse perspectives
  • Many ideas for improved care and Mental Health service delivery
  • Delivery of a final model which was focused on community driven and peer led support
  • Model was used to inform a planning tool that is currently being developed for Mental Health workers working in Regional NSW.
  • A report detailing the insights, quick wins, pain-points and opportunities from multiple perspectives to inform better Mental Health outcomes for NSW citizens.


  • Review of previous program consultation work
  • Pre-work/sensitisation activity in advance of workshops
  • Facilitation of 6 online workshops during a 3-month period
  • Co-design and iteration of models for Mental Health 
  • Delivery of a final model which was focused on community driven and peer led support
  • This model was used to inform a planning tool that is currently being developed for workers working in Regional NSW.
Mental Health Commission

Blue Voices Member Experience

The Brief:

blueVoices is beyondblue’s reference group of people with depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation, as well as their family and friends. The program began in 2008 and launched its online platform ‘blueVoices Connect’ in 2010.

The purpose of the project was to generate evidence and insight that can be used to understand and bridge the gap between the expectations, motivations and needs of blueVoices members and those of beyondblue and its staff. This will ensure blueVoices are making useful and meaningful contributions to beyondblue activities while deriving personal
benefits. This work was done in collaboration with ARTD Consulting.


  • A report detailing the insights, pain points, quick wins, recommendations and opportunities that Beyond Blue can utilise to improve blueVoices member experience
  • Several tools to support engagement activities including; archetypes based on different member segments to inform engagement activities and journey maps.
  • Service concepts for new engagement offerings for members.


  • Online design research utilising cultural probes with 14 participants over a 4 week period
  • Qualitative interviews with participants
  • Analysis and insight generation
Blue Voices logo

UNSW Intranet Discovery Project

The Brief:
UNSW currently has 18 unique intranet sites resulting in a broken and non-scalable experience for staff.

This project aimed to support agreement on a strategy, and development of a business plan for next steps for the new university-wide intranet development and roll-out.


  • A report detailing the insights, pain points, quick wins and opportunities that UNSW might use to build an intranet to help foster improved communications, support organisation-wide change initiatives, drive a more collaborative and engaged workforce and to reflect, influence and help shape UNSW culture.
  • Report informed strategy for next steps in support of business case development
  • Engagement of staff in codesign processes to help support change


  • Light weight best practice literature review
  • Existing faculty intranet
  • Quantitative survey 
for insight validation
  • 10 x 1 hr interviews including usability testing of existing intranets
  • Codesign workshops with professional staff from 3 campuses

Family and Community Services (ADHC) Codesign Training

The Brief:
Co-design workshops and co-design capability building workshops with ADHC staff.


  • Codesign training with staff from FACS and ADHC in Northern Rivers region.
  • 3 new service concepts codesigned with people with disabilities
  • 3 new service concepts were implemented by ADHC staff after the workshop (Facebook community about DPA use, new reporting tool for DPA clients, new orienting materials for new DPA clients)


  • Co-design workshop facilitation with service participants and staff
  • Delivery of co-design tool-kit and training
  • Diary study with service participants
  • Delivery of documentary video about the program


Australian College of Theology Communications Strategy

The Brief:

The Australian College of Theology (ACT) is an educational body that supports affiliated colleges to deliver theological courses and supports theological research degrees. Develop a communications strategy for the ACT to better support students and colleges and also deliver on the ACT strategic priorities.


  • Stakeholder and user research
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Persona development
  • Co-design workshops for new online services
  • Delivery of online communications strategy

To our mind, Jax’s communication strategy and the philosophy which informed has been remarkably fruitful. The aims of the project were met. The project’s outcomes flow naturally out of her research, establishing a far more cogent rationale for the website re-design that will now follow.
Mark Harding, Dean & CEO, Australian College of Theology