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Human-centred Design Consulting

All good design starts with rigorous, sensitive research. We offer human centred design consulting as well as on-line, and contextual design research services. We can either do this for you or build your capability to do it yourself by teaching you to use human-centred design, co-design and design research methods, and most importantly how to know which methods to use and when to achieve your goals.

We take a strength based approach, based on Appreciative Inquiry, bringing understanding about what works so we can focus on creating more of that rather than creating from a deficit mindset.

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Design Research & Storytelling

Understand and communicate “lived experience” through qualitative and contextual design research and storytelling.

Stories are “data with soul” (to quote Brene Brown), they can create connections and change perspectives. Stories can be shared in many formats – journey maps, personas, diaries and video. Our accomplished videographers, graphic designers and storytellers can give your data soul, facilitating empathy, understanding of diverse perspectives and shared visions for the future, supporting both the design and implementation of your initiatives. Carefully crafted stories can help facilitate understanding, communicate visions for the future and help make change stick.

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Co-design/HCD Training

We have created a unique co-design training program that can be tailored to your organisation’s needs and timeframe.

Our program:

  • Builds human-centred design and co-design capability.
  • Applies co-design, systems thinking and asset based community development approaches and methodologies to solve organisational problems.
  • Engages the people affected and involved  through genuinely participatory, collaborative methods.

This video discusses one of the several successful programs we conducted with Family and Community Services (ADHC) in Ballina.

Coaching & Mentoring Programs

Our coaching programs can build your capability on a current project or prepare you for the next one.

Service delivery requires continuous refinement, and design approaches offer well-established tools to strategically achieve this. Let us build capability in your team to continually refine and evolve your organisation’s offerings, so that the people you work with and serve are consistently delighted.

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