Codesign Training with ADHC (Improving DPA)

Person hand with flash cards

Co-design Training : Improving the DPA

The Brief:
Co-design workshops and co-design capability building workshops with ADHC staff in Northern NSW.


  • Co-design training with staff from FACS and ADHC in Northern Rivers region.
  • 3 new service concepts co-designed with people with disabilities
  • 3 new service concepts were implemented by ADHC staff after the workshop (Facebook community about DPA use, new reporting tool for DPA clients, new orienting materials for new DPA clients)


  • Co-design workshop facilitation with service participants and staff
  • Delivery of co-design tool-kit and training
  • Diary study with service participants
  • Delivery of documentary video about the program

The thing I liked most about the Co-design training was the way it encouraged an opportunity for service users like me to share their ideas with openness and honesty
– DPA Service User – Sticky Design Codesign Training Participant