Making Connections Documentary

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Making Connections Documentary

The Brief:

‘Making Connections’, a Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre studied the information and communication needs of young people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. The research developed solutions and partnerships, working with young people to support and enhance their access to, and use of, digital technology—including mobile phones, internet and other digital services.

Sticky Design Studio was engaged to document the co-design workshops conducted with young people experiencing homelessness and potential partners.


  • Video documentary of young person workshop communicated service ideas to a codesign workshop with potential partners
  • Video documenting the project including final service ideas co-designed with partners.


  • Filming at codesign workshops
  • Delivery of two video documentaries
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Jax is thoughtful, careful and creative in her approach and practice, and has a very good understanding of the power and purpose of video for enhancing participatory research and design.
Dr. Justine Humphrey