The Child Journey for FACS ChildStory

Child Story Workshop

The Child Journey for FACS ChildStory

The Brief:
ChildStory is an information technology system which places each child supported by the child protection system at the centre of their story with a network of family, carers, caseworkers and other service providers around them.

Conduct research with NGO workers, FACS workers, families and young people to understand and then communicate the child’s view of the child protection system for Child Story program participants.

A large map was created for this work which was affixed to the walls at FACS and was placed on the minister’s wall. This artefact was used in various codesign workshops to ensure that the perspective of the young person/child was included.


  • Understanding of the needs of workers, families, children and young people in the child protection ecosystem to inform service design of new online tools.
  • Physical map which was used as an empathy tool.


  • Qualitative interviews
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Journey map

This project was presented at the Designing for the Common Good conference